Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

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Lavender has a long history of medicinal, culinary and household use. For one, its sweet, floral fragrance is notably soothing, invoking relaxation. Combined with the classic blend of Earl Grey's citrus and a hint of cream this black tea blend is sure to become a quiet time favorite.

Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes.

ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, lavender flowers, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor and natural creme flavor

For thousands of years lavender has been used by many cultures for various applications. From modern culinary use to ancient Egyptian mummification, it has proven itself valuable throughout history. One use was for protection from bubonic plague, which is now believed to be due to its repellent affect on disease carrying insects. Fortunately, much sunnier uses abound including aromatherapy, soaps and of course, in tea.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine
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